Thank you to the collaborative journalism superstars who offered their expertise for this guide, including Stefanie Murray, the director of the Center for Cooperative Media; Project Facet founder Heather Bryant; Mar Cabra, former head of Research and Data at ICIJ; Megan Lucero, director of the Bureau Local at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism; and Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, executive director of Resolve Philly. Thanks also to the many ProPublicans who helped us make this guide and the software project that’s being co-developed with it, including Scott Klein, Celeste LeCompte, Ariana Tobin and Ken Schwencke, as well as our contract developer Brandon Roberts. Many thanks to our hundreds of newsroom partners we've worked with on Electionland and Documenting Hate who have done excellent reporting and helped make these projects successful. We'd like to thank the Center for Cooperative Media for holding its annual Collaborative Journalism Summit, which is always a source of inspiration and ideas. And last but not least, we're very grateful to the Google News Initiative, which made this report possible, and to our collaborative project funders, including Google and Open Society Foundations.

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