Collaborative Reporting Resources

The Center for Cooperative Media has:

Collaborative Reporting Tools

Google Drive: Many newsrooms already use Google Docs and Sheets, but not every IT department allows journalists to use their work emails on Google Drive, which requires G Suite.

Slack : This is a useful tool for communicating quickly with partners, sharing news and uploading files.

Trello: This helps with task and project management, and it is especially helpful if you need to collaborate reporting or distribution among teams.

Airtable: A sophisticated tool used for project planning and tracking. You can also use it to collect callout responses.

DocumentCloud: A place to share and store documents.

Datashare: Allows you to analyze documents and extract text from uploaded files.

MuckRock: Allows you to track, send and share FOIA requests all in one place; they'll send payments for you.

Todoist : A useful tool for individual task management that you can use on both desktop and mobile.

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